Two commercial versions of Golden Tee are available: Golden Tee LIVE, with a host of compelling online features, and Golden Tee Golf, the offline model for locations that desire a more casual experience.

Golden Tee LIVE is designed for commercial use, and uses groundbreaking wireless data transmission technology that allows players to compete in worldwide contests, track their play stats, and a host of other online game features.

Pitting video golfers across the world in head-to-head contests for prizes or glory, Golden Tee LIVE takes excitement to new heights by combining it with real-time competition. From the comfort of their local taverns and restaurants, tens of thousands of players can play live and compete simultaneously while scores are updated universally, hole-by-hole.

Golden Tee LIVE 2014 offers players 5 brand new 18-hole courses, bringing the total course count to an unprecedented 45. Streamlined menus and a vast array of quality-of-life touches make the game experience more immersive and enjoyable than ever, even while speeding up game play. Enhanced game graphics and visual effects now support 1080p resolution, making Golden Tee LIVE 2014 more powerful and eye-catching than any home system.